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  • Form 8621 Calculator
  • 965 Tax Calculator
  • Crypto Currency Calculator

Form 8621 Calculator - Tired of the time-consuming calculation of Form 8621 for foreign citizens living in the U.S. or U.S. citizens living abroad who need to report their foreign investments? There is an easy solution.... the Form 8621 Calculator makes reporting all of the elements of Passive Foreign Investment Company Income (PFICs) easier. Enter your PFICs information and let Form 8621 Calculator handle the complex calculations. The software accurately computes all the nuances of the PFIC Regs. and provides a completed printable .pdf of Form 8621, a guide to where all the numbers end up on the other forms and schedules of the tax return, and IRS statements to use as attachments. It includes: Section 1291. Mark to Market, QEF calculation, Deemed Sale Election, & OVDP. 


965 Calculator - Don't waste time on tedious calculations. Our on-line calculator computes the repatriation inclusion and tax for you. Complete with a print-out including a 965 Transition Tax Statement and calculations.

Crypto Calculator - Our Crypto calculator is unlike the free online versions...it prepares the Sch. D for Crypto currency exchanges, sales and handles Wash Sales. It also a database of 1500+ currencies and can assign a basis to your coins.

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