IRS Compliance Specialists

The IRS continues to ramp up its search for Americans who have not been staying current in their US tax filings. The fear of the penalties and complexity of the various compliance programs has kept many US citizens and green card holders from completing their delinquent returns.

Over the past few years offshore compliance has become an extremely important and complicated area of US taxation.  Discerning which programs you qualify for, the potential benefits and pitfalls in each, and figuring out exactly which forms need to be filed can be an overwhelming undertaking without even attempting to complete the required documents.  Since there are no provisions for additional or corrected submissions within the formal programs, it is imperative to get it right the first time.   Making the wrong choice can cost you thousands.

Let an American Expat Tax Services Cross Border Specialist explain the different programs that you qualify for. We can help you navigate the IRS offshore compliance regulations with confidence, and prepare the forms and statements for you. 

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