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Form 8621 Calculator

Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing Fund (PFIC)

Maximize your tax season income by making the calculations for Form 8621 as easy as data entry.

Using the Form 8621 Calculator software makes you smile when a client walks into your office with foreign mutual funds! You will be able to provide a valuable service to your clients in a fast and efficient manner. This software will save you more time and increase your income potential more than any other aid you currently use.

In the vast world of US international taxation, computation of the 1291 tax, Mark to Market, and QEF Elections for clients owning Passive Foreign Investment Companies (non-US mutual funds) has become a mainstay and a major headache for most US tax practitioners. The IRS regulations for PFICs are some of the most complicated in the entire US Code. The amount of time spent reading and learning about how to treat these investments is easily in the hundreds of hours- with a couple hundred more hours trying to figure out the form and do the actual math.

Save your time and your sanity while you expand your business!

The software accurately computes all the nuances of the PFIC Regs. and provides a completed printable .pdf of Form 8621, a guide to where all the numbers end up on the other forms and schedules of the tax return, and IRS statements to use as attachments. As an extra bonus, if you use CCH Prosystem fx, Global fx, or Axcess Tax the Form 8621 Calculator has importable grids to save you time in transferring the data into your software.

Please visit for more information or ask us for a free demo user account of the software and see for yourself how easy the PFIC rules just became.

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