US Tax Preparation for Canadians

Are you a Canadian that lives, plays, or works in the United States? Are you a US person living in Canada? You may be required to file both Canadian and US income tax returns each year to report your earnings or get a refund of your withholdings.

The complexity of working with the regulations found in the Canadian Income Tax Act and the US Internal Revenue Code combined with the US–Canada tax Treaty can make it very difficult to know if you have completed your Form T1 General & Form 1040 or Form 1040NR correctly while taking advantage of every deduction, credit, and treaty provision available.

At American Expat Tax Services our Tax Specialists can make sure you are…

  • Paying the least amount of tax you are legally obligated to pay
  • Provide you with future planning to minimize tax obligations
  • Help you file to obtain a refund of your Casino Tax withholding

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