Form 8621 Preparation

Do you or your firm provide tax services to American Expats with Passive Foreign Investments?

Form 8621 Prep

As you know many of these Expats likely have Passive Foreign Investments (PFICs) which require filing the Form 8621. Tax and reporting rules for Passive Foreign Investment Company can be complicated and confusing. The form can also take hours to complete in fact the computation is so complex that none of the large commercial tax software programs currently perform the multi-level, convoluted math needed to complete the form.

American Expat Tax specializes in the preparation of the Form 8621 form for Expat Tax firms. In fact, our President , Mary Beth Lougen, knows them so well that she has spoken and written articles on the topic for publications like Bloomberg BNA.

We can prepare your Form 8621s for you. We will provide you with Form 8621 with all required statements ready to enter into your 1040 and finish your tax returns with confidence.

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Kovel Agreements

American Expat Tax Services & Kovel Agreements

Kovel Agreements

We are experienced in working with Law firms under Kovel Agreements.

Kovel agreements are typically an arrangement between an attorney, a Tax Expert (typically an Enrolled Agent or US Tax Court Practitioner) and the client. The Kovel engagement letter must provide each party’s role, particularly that the tax expert’s work generally will be performed under the direction of the attorney. The Kovel agreement can extend the attorney-client privilege to a tax expert’s communications that were “made in confidence for the purpose of obtaining legal advice.

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Form 5471 Preparation

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Form 5471 Prep

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