About American Expat Taxes

About Us

American Expat Tax Services is boutique income tax preparation firm that specializes in all areas of US and Canadian tax preparation, compliance, and problem resolution for people living, working, or playing on either side of the US/Canada border.

Our team is comprised of experienced, passionate tax professionals who will utilize every strategy and provision allowed to provide the best overall bottom line for your international tax situation.  Expatriate taxation is more than a black and white exercise in filling out forms; it is a highly specialized skillset full of nuance and strategy to make the tax codes in each country work together so you pay the least overall amount of tax you are legally obligated to pay.

Your personal data will be protected.  You will be provided with a private data portal that will provide secure and encrypted document transfers between yourself and your American Expat Tax Professional.  The portal remains open and available to you after we complete your tax return to archive your tax documents and tax returns.  No need to ask us for extra copies of your tax papers- just log in and print.

The American Expat Tax Team is an elite group of highly trained, motivated individuals with a love for the challenge of taxation at this level.  They take great pride and satisfaction from their work when they help clients navigate the often overwhelming road to getting into and remaining in tax compliance on both sides of the US/Canada border.

Meet Our team of Tax Experts

Mary Beth Lougen, EA, USTCP

Founder and President