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About American Expat Taxes

American Expat Tax Services is an income tax preparation firm that specializes in all areas of US Income Tax Preparation, Expat Tax Advice, Compliance, and IRS Problem Resolution for American Expats living or working outside of the United States. 

We also specialize in Canadian income taxes and can assist Canadians with their filing obligations and problem resolution with CRA.

Whether you are a US citizen or green card holder living or working outside of the United States, a taxpayer who works or plays in the US or Canada or a US citizen, green card holder or other taxpayer living inside the US that owns assets and/or accounts outside the US- we can help.

Our team of 15 professionals is comprised of experienced, passionate American Expat Tax experts with designations including Enrolled Agent, CPA, JD, and USTCP. They will utilize every strategy and provision allowed to provide the best overall bottom line for your international tax situation. American Expat Tax preparation is more than a black and white exercise in filling out forms; it is a highly specialized skillset full of nuance and strategy to make the tax codes in each country work together so you pay the least overall amount of tax you are legally obligated to pay.

Your personal data will be protected. You will be provided with a personal data portal that will provide secure and encrypted document transfers between yourself and your American Expat Tax professional. The portal remains open and available to you after we complete your tax return to archive your tax documents and tax returns. No need to ask us for extra copies of your tax papers- just log in and print.

The American Expat Tax team is an elite group of highly trained, motivated Expat Tax professionals with a love for the challenge of taxation at this level. They take great pride and satisfaction from their work when they help clients navigate the often overwhelming road to getting into and remaining in tax compliance with the IRS.

We also specialize
  1. Renunciation of Citizenship
  2. Form 8621 (PFIC) preparation
  3. GILTI Tax computation
  4. Form 965 preparation
  5. Canadian Tax preparation
  6. Foreign Corporations
  7. Compliance
Need Expat Tax Advice or Assistance ?

The Process

Using American Expat Tax Services (AET) is easy, convenient and secure.

  1. Book an appointment – Tell us who you are, where you are located and a little about your situation. Intake appointments are no obligation phone consultations with an AET Specialist but there is a minimum fee.
  2. Attend your scheduled intake appointment – Call the international, toll-free number that you will be provided upon scheduling your appointment. During the call, the AET Specialist will gain clarity on your personal tax situation by asking you various questions about your situation.
  3. Review your engagement package – Following your intake appointment, AET will invite you to register for a secure online portal. We will upload to that portal an engagement package (complete with the terms of our service, privacy policy, detailed price quote and checklist of items we require to complete the engagement).
  4. Engage our services – Follow the instructions provided on the cover page of your personalized engagement package so AET can begin work.
  1. Book an appointment – Tell us who you are, where you are located and a little about your situation. 30 minutes consultation appointments are available at your convenience. Applicable rates are posted on our scheduling page
  2. Make your payment – All consultations require payment prior to the scheduled appointment.
  3. Attend your scheduled consultation appointment – Call the international, toll-free number that you will be provided upon scheduling your appointment. During the call, the AET Specialist will gain clarity on your personal tax situation and answer any questions or concerns you have.

There are never any surprises with our fees. Fees are quoted prior to the commencement of any work or the scheduling of any appointment. We require a down payment, equal to 50% of the amount quoted in an engagement package prior to beginning the work, and the balance on completion. Payment in full is required prior to any consultation appointment.

Your privacy is important to us. Protection of your privacy and personal information is a top priority at American Expat Tax Services. We will provide you with an encrypted private portal for the transfer of documents containing sensitive personal information. This portal is viewable only by AET, you, and any additional person you designate, such as a spouse or financial advisor. This portal will remain available to you for 12 months after the completion of our work, so you can view your tax documents and print additional copies, if needed.

We double-check our work. Before you receive your finished tax documents, they will be thoroughly reviewed by another member of the AET team for tax theory and computational execution. We stand behind our work.

With over 30 years of experience, American Expat Tax Services offers year round services for people with tax situations in more than one country, by people with extensive international tax experience. We understand your needs.

Meet our President

Mary Beth Lougen, EA, USTCP

MaryBeth Lougen has over 30 years of US Income Tax experience, working both in the United States and in Canada. Being a dual Canadian/ US citizen who has lived on both sides of the border and personally dealt wit the rigors of tax filing as a US Expat, Beth is in tune with the challenges and concerns faced by all her clients. After seeing too many people with significant tax issues caused by preparers with a lack of knowledge in the field of cross border taxation, Beth opened American Expat Tax Services to make quality expat tax preparation available to everyone.

Mary Beth carries the title Enrolled Agent which is the highest credential given out by the IRS. She is a U.S. Tax Court Practitioner, and also a respected writer and teacher in cross-border taxation.

In her previous position with a major tax firm, Mary Beth was a customer-focused innovator, who provided key support, training, and quality assurance to both company and franchise tax professionals working within the Expat Tax program. While supporting the development of the Expat Tax program; she created training for US tax theory, software and company policies and procedures. She also provided year-round support by researching and interpreting tax laws, tax treaties, and regulations. In addition, she supported field associates in their understanding of the complexities of tax laws and treaties, as well as, international situations through evaluation, education and providing quality control.

As an exceptional researcher, Mary Beth constantly monitors the ever changing US tax law and regulations to keep her team abreast of the latest developments enabling a broader understanding of international taxation, domestic taxation, and tax treaty interpretation.

Beth’s progressive experience in US international taxation and reporting, coupled with her hands on leadership is a proven combination to provide clients with a confidence that their tax needs are being met with professionalism and integrity.

Feel free to drop Beth a note or a question at B.Lougen@amexpattax.com