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American Expat Tax Services

Our team is made up of experienced and well trained Expat Tax Professionals who well versed in the myriad of tax laws requirements you face as an Expat. Our focus is American Expat Taxes and we have over 30 yrs. of experience!

We Specialize in U.S.Tax Preparation for American Expats

American Expat Tax Services is an income tax preparation firm that specializes in all areas of US Income Tax Preparation, Expat Tax Advice, Compliance, and IRS Problem Resolution for American Expats living or working outside of the United States. Also if you live in Canada we can prepare your US and Canadian returns together. We are…

  • Easy to work with from virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Experts at U.S. Expat Tax and our team has prepared thousands of returns
  • We use secure servers and portals to ensure your data is well protected

The American Expat Tax Team is an elite group of highly trained, motivated Expat Tax professionals with a love for the challenge of taxation at this level. We take great pride and satisfaction from our work , helping clients navigate the often overwhelming road to getting into and remaining in tax compliance with the IRS.

Tax Services

Are you in compliance with your US taxes or just aren’t sure? Not sure if you are even a citizen legally?  We work with taxpayers and their financial advisors all over the world and we have over 30 years of experience doing it. Click on Learn More to read about our services.

Business to Business

US tax reform and international tax is ever changing and we stay on top of those changes so you don’t have to. We provide a number of services to attorneys, CPAs & CAs, and financial advisors who work with expats. These services include providing working under Kovel agreements, specific form preparation such as the 8621 and 5471, and tax advisory services. Click on Learn More below to read about our services

Other Services

American Expat Tax also provides other services for Expats and providers of Expat services.